Wedding And Civil Partnership Celebrant London

When it comes to ceremony design and content the

world's your oyster! 


We can meet on Zoom or other video platform for an initial ideas sharing no-obligation chat. I will be very happy to fit in with what works best for you. 


Once you have decided you would like to go ahead with me, we will become a creative team for the duration of our time working together. I will spend time with you get to know you and your story and the people and things that are most important to you.  

Step one: Planning your ceremony


The process of creating your unique celebration ceremony is as individual as you are.

During the planning phase, I will be finding out about your love story and your dreams for your future along with lots more about you and other important people in your lives. We'll get to talk about how you've chosen your venue and what feel and look you have in mind. You might want to bring together different family cultures and traditions and we can build these into the mix.

Step two: Designing your ceremony

However you have imagined for your ceremony, I will work closely with you to create it just for you with the greatest care and attention. 

 I will write, structure and craft your unique story which will be at the heart of your celebration.It will include the elements and people who matter most to you and what you want to include. 


I know that as you are planning and thinking through ideas, you'll want to chat them over with me. I want to help you minimise what can be a stressful time and we’ll keep in touch via email, phone or video calls. It’s important that you enjoy the planning of your special day!


Remember it's your ceremony, so if you would like any changes or additions, just let me know. I want to make sure that your script is just right for you.

​In advance of your ceremony you might decide that you’d like a rehearsal and we can discuss the benefits of this during the planning process.

Step Three: On the day 

I will arrive early to your venue to make sure that the ceremony space is just right. I will check in with you both to make sure you are happy with everything and will be there to meet your guests as they arrive.


As a memento of your celebration ceremony, I will leave a copy of your bespoke script as a treasured keepsake of your special day.

from £550.00

Ceremony planning can sometimes leave you feeling a bit anxious about additional fees that you may not have thought about. I will give you a detailed quote based on a no-obligation chat about your ceremony, and I will always highlight to you anything that may be an additional cost.