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Renew Your Wedding Or Civil Partnership Vows

Many couples decide that they would like to renew their vows, often at a special anniversary, milestone or at other significant moments in their lives. The beauty of a renewal of vows ceremony is that you are free to hold it wherever you like. The reasons you have chosen to renew your vows are as unique as you are, and you can make your ceremony as small or large as you would like it to be.

Creating your renewal of vows ceremony 

I will spend time with you and will write a bespoke and personal ceremony that is a true reflection of you both and your relationship. It may be that you now have a family and people who you'd also like to include in the ceremony.


There are many ways in which you might choose to mark the occasion, such as rededicating your rings, including a unity ceremony or giving each other gifts. You may also want to write promises to take forward into the next stage of your lives.


We’ll talk through your thoughts and ideas and I will make some suggestions based on what you’ve shared with me. The most important thing is that your ceremony is personal to you both and reflects your relationship. 

from £450.00

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